Narrative X-Ray: Russia’s ‘nuclear fist’

Russia threatens nuclear war with increasing frequency, partly to distract from discussing the progress of its war against Ukraine. In our second Narrative X-Ray, we discuss how Russia developed its ‘nuclear fist’ and what else it aims to achieve with this rhetoric.

How the Kremlin uses graffiti as propaganda

An American woman arrested in Michigan for a series of hate crime incidents turned out to be a supporter of Russia, not Ukraine as her graffiti implied. Journalists are still missing the bigger story.

Narrative X-Ray: russkii mir (russian world)

The concept of a ‘russian world’ is increasingly promoted by the Kremlin, underpinning much of its propaganda. We explore where it came from, how it’s used by propagandists, and what it hopes to achieve.

How 9 May unfolded in Estonia

9 May is marked by Estonia as Europe Day, while some continue to mark it as Victory Day based on Moscow’s interpretation. Here’s an explainer of their meaning and how both passed off with any serious incidents.