Chinese Ambassador in Paris rebuked for falsely denying sovereignty of “ex-Soviet countries”

Chinese Ambassador Lu Shaye ignited international fury and quick backpedaling in Beijing. The row provided a lesson on the sanctity of international law.

Narrative X-ray: Russian Economy Allegedly Mighty Enough to Resist Western Pressure

Russia’s narrative of a robust economy, projecting self-reliance and strength, caters to both domestic and international audiences, fostering patriotism. Yet, challenges like inflation, resource constraints, and sanctions impact its economic intricacies. A substantial budget deficit and a defense industry dependent on imports expose vulnerabilities. Amid a shift to a war economy, assessing Russia’s economic landscape is complex, revealing a delicate situation.

New Russian children’s movie Cheburashka raises ethical concerns

Russian cartoon character Cheburashka preaches peace and friendship, even while its cast members support Russia’s genocidal war.