Did the Kremlin stir protests that derailed Sweden’s NATO application?

A Koran-burning protest in Sweden put the country’s NATO application on hold after a backlash in Turkey. But the journalist who initiated, organised, and promoted that protest has extensive Kremlin connections.

Russia’s war on Ukraine is not a game – but some game developers are trying to make it one

Video games enabling children to wage war in Ukraine have appeared online. Children need to understand the context behind this simulated violence.

Why Russia’s resettlement programmes for Estonian residents have been a failure

Russian speakers in Estonia are regularly depicted in Kremlin propaganda as marginalised or oppressed. This creates a paradox when trying to explain why they prefer living here, despite Russia’s incentives for them to resettle.

6 of the best YouTubers to follow to understand Russia’s war on Ukraine

Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine has generated a wave of new YouTube stars dedicated to exposing the reality behind Kremlin propaganda.

Kremlin propagandist leaves channel after admitting mockery of Estonia doesn’t work

The host of Время покажет (“Time will tell”), Artyom Sheinin, went viral online after his criticism of Russian propaganda in the context of Russia’s failures in Ukraine.

Why propagandists are battling to redefine ‘vatnik’

‘Vatnik’ was first defined by Russians as a jingoistic follower of their government’s propaganda. Some people are trying to make you think otherwise.