When artificial intelligence starts creating propaganda

A new tool called ChatGPT highlights the dangers of AI being used by propagandists. So we asked the AI to explain the risks in its own words.

A misleading headline about Ukrainian refugees helped build a false narrative

A recent Postimees headline may have given the impression that Estonia and its employers are not concerned by Ukrainians unable to find jobs in Estonia. Russian media outlets seized on it to build a narrative that didn’t actually reflect the original article.

How Kremlin propaganda weaponises its own money laundering scandals

Danske Bank pleaded guilty to what some describe as its ‘Estonian money laundering scandal’. Yet the key Estonian part of this scandal was shutting it down.

The Russian media is struggling to stick to the Kremlin’s script

Putin has tied so much of his reputation to Russia’s war on Ukraine that it is dangerous in Russia to question why the Russian military is failing. Yet even Putin’s biggest supporters are angry.

How online trolls popped up to attack Estonia’s defence readiness exercise

Estonia recently conducted snap military exercises. The online trolls seeking to spread misinformation about it were activated too. Here’s how they operate.