Sputnik V as an example of propaganda washing of a vaccine


On September 16, news about Estonia’s recognition of the Sputnik V vaccine appeared in the Russian media.

Dozens and dozens of news stories that people who have been inoculated with Sputnik V vaccine do not have to take the COVID test at the Estonian border, or remain in isolation for days. Some news also added that people vaccinated with Sputnik V can visit public places without following corona restrictions.

The Estonian media has not reported any news that Estonia would have started separately recognizing people inoculated with Sputnik V as being officially vaccinated. The basis of the articles is a story published in Delfi, where in response to a question from Tallinn University as to which vaccines Estonia recognizes, the Health Board answered: “Estonia recognizes those vaccines that are recognized by their country of origin”. Delfi writes: “The Estonian Health Board has decided to allow people to prove their vaccination with all vaccines that have been officially inoculated in any country in the world.” In other words, anyone who has received a vaccine that has been recognized by the country from which they arrive here is allowed to enter Estonia without having to take a test or without an isolation obligation.

There are several other propaganda expansions in the news about the recognition of Sputnik V in the Russian media. It has been added to some news that Sputnik V is in use in many countries and its safety has been proven, but the WHO and the European Medicines Agency are deliberately slowing down the marketing authorization procedure for the Russian primary vaccine. A number of news items add that the Sputnik V digital vaccination certificate issued by San Marino is valid both in the European Union and in the Schengen area.

On 16 September, news stories appeared in the world media that the WHO had suspended the process of granting marketing authorization for Sputnik V, as several violations were discovered during the inspection. In the absence of this permit, many countries do not recognize people who have received the Sputnik V inoculations as being vaccinated and are subject to the same restrictions as non-vaccinated people. There have also been stories in the media of people who have rushed to be vaccinated with Sputnik and who are now considered unvaccinated due to a lack of a marketing authorization. These people will also not be able to be re-vaccinated with recognized vaccines in the near future due to a lack of knowledge of the effects of mixing recognized vaccinations with the Sputnik V vaccination.

Most European countries do not consider people who have received the Sputnik V inoculations to be vaccinated and are awaiting a marketing authorization from the WHO and the European Medicines Agency. Croatia, Greece and Cyprus, for example, have made a similar decision to Estonia.

Photo: Screenshot of the media publication.