Teterin and Hantsom launch a new Kremlin portal “Compatriots”


“It is no secret that the life in the Baltic nations is still far from the democratic standards set in old Europe. Mass statelessness, discrimination of Russian-language education, persecution of journalists, social inequality – all these issues are also in our focus. ” This is how the zemljaki.eu portal, which started in September last year, will be introduced.

The creators of the “Compatriots” portal are two individuals who are very familiar to Propastop readers, Igor Teterin and Tatiana Pokhilina, and their NGO Baltinpress. In addition to Teterin, the authors include Allan Hantsom, Aleksandr Lukyanov, Alla Berezovskaya, Karen Markarjan, Olga Titova and others. The most active of them is Hantsom.

It is not a news portal, but rather a website of interest pieces and opinion stories with articles about kremlin activists operating in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and their undertakings, Russian-language education in Estonia and Latvia, the Sputnik V vaccine, stateless people and many more stories that are similar.

For example, there are stories about Tatyana Ždanoka, Miroslav Mitrofanov, Aleksandr Gaponenko, NGO Front Line, Latvian Baltnews editor Andrei Jakovlev, Yana Toom, as well as Sergei Seredenko and Mart Helme.

NGO Baltinpress was one of the publishers of Komsomolskaya Pravda v Severnoi Jevrope. Igor Teterin is also known as one of the leaders of the Impressum discussion club, where, for example, in the spring of 2020, historian Nikolai Meževits also spoke.

There are no references to its funding on the portal, but public sources show that without having a turnover in the last four quarters, they employ 2-3 people who earn an average of € 500 per month.