Correct answers to the picture puzzle game


Correct answers to questions published prior to Midsummer’s Day:

1.Tallinn Kaubamaja (Department Store) is being built in 1957 or 1958

It clear that it is Tallinn, from the Oleviste tower in the picture. Game players who are unfamiliar with Tallinn’s landmarks can help identify the church with a picture search.

An environment such as is suitable for finding old photos, by searching for different suitable keywords you can get to a photo depicting the “Construction of Univermagi in 1957” from the collection of the Tallinn City Museum.

The date also casts doubt on the extent to which, according to data from Wikipedia, the construction of Kaubamaja began in 1958.

You can check your location with a map-based location search. In the photo, the church tower and the facade of the building in the foreground,  at that time the then Special Industrial School No. 49 which today is the location of the Metro Plaza are located on the same line.

The line connecting the same landmarks on the map does point to the Kaubamaja.

2.The Author is the Latvian sculptor Līvija Rezevska.
Image search provides a solution. Yandex Images is more powerful than Google in this respect and offers several photos of the same sculpture, where you can find the name of the work “Pretī saulei” (“Against the Sun”) and its location in Bastejkalns Park in Riga.

By Googling these keywords, you will find a photo and a web page with the author’s name.

3.The house is located at Naeri 2 / Magasini 11
Examining the picture, it can be established that the light falls on the houses from the underside of the photo, meaning it is southward in direction. One of the most striking landmarks in the picture is the boulevard.

Veerenni Street is one of the possible candidates when looking for various Tallinn boulevards in the north-south direction. Comparing the photo with the map of the area will get the right answer.

Original photo from Facebook group Wana Tallinn

 4.The picture was taken in Tareste village, Hiiumaa, near the campfire site of the RMK Autobaas on May 26, 2021 at 16:28

The solution combines different option possibilities from public sources.

The original article can be found by title, when searching for keywords in the image signature, you will get to this news item, in the photo gallery of which you will find the original photo, whose metadata reveals the time the photo was taken.

The information contained in the same news is that the pictures were taken near Kärdla, which is helpful in identifying the location. By searching the Google map application for roads near the capital of Hiiumaa, it will lead you to the sea area and next to kraavi-oja stream, and taking you to the campfire site in the village of Tareste.

The location is confirmed by comparing the images in the gallery with the photos uploaded by Google users, and you will see similar landmarks.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted their solutions, Propastop hopes that finding the answers was interesting and fun.