Puzzles for Midsummer’s Jaanipäev


Propastop has a tradition of organizing puzzle games aimed at training the readers’ muscles and skills for searches using public sources.

This year we offer as brainteasers, four pictures. Download your answers, along with proof and the ways you reached your solution, either on Propastop’s Facebook page or send them to [email protected]. We are waiting for the answers no later than on Sunday, June 27, 2021 at 20:00; we will publish the solutions on Monday, June 28.

1.What building is being constructed here and in what year was the picture taken?

2.Who is the author of the sculpture in the photo?

3.What is the address of the house marked with a red square in this old aerial photo of Tallinn

How exactly can you determine where and when the picture of the military machine shown in the photo was taken: