Sergei Tydyakov, a man at every protest and picket line


This spring, Sergei Tydyakov (Тыдыяков), a former activist of the Night Watch and a former member of the board of the NGO of the same name, has come to the media’s attention.

Delfi has written about him in organizing anti-mask provocation campaigns in Tallinn shopping centers, participating in anti-NETS demonstrations at Toompea, video conferencing on Jewish topics, and participating in a demonstration against the migration framework two years ago.

Delfi writes that in 2008, Tydyakov applied for permission for a demonstration reminiscent of the Night of the Bronze Soldier, which was not granted. In 2012, he became a member of the board of the MTÜ Öine Vahtkond (NGO Night Watch) and he was in that position until 2016, when the NGO was deleted from the register.

You cannot find much more information about Tydyakov in the Estonian media, but there is significantly more information about him in the Estonian information space in Russian. It turns out that he is a person who seeks attention by participating in various protests or by organizing them himself.

In 2013, he participated in the campaign “Candles of Remembrance” organized by the Night of the Bronze Soldier activists at Tõnismäe.

In 2014, Tydyakov organized a demonstration “Crimea – we are together!” In support of Russians in Ukraine as well as Russian-speaking residents. It was an anti-NATO demonstration.

In 2015, Tydyakov was seen at a picket line in front of the Norwegian Embassy, ​​which was aimed at criticizing Norway’s child protection policy. The picket was organized by the NGO Estonian parents, in cooperation with the Estonian Non-Citizens’ Association, MTÜ Eesti Indoeurooplaste Liit “Rodina” (NGO Estonian Indo European association “Rodina”), and the NGO Dobrosvet. The last two belong to the network we wrote about in 2018

In 2016, Tydyakov organized an anti-NATO picket line in front of the Polish Embassy in Tallinn. According to Tydyakov, the reason for organizing the picket was the constantly growing unfavorable atmosphere between Eastern Europe and Russia, especially between Estonia and Russia, where war hysteria could lead to severe consequences. “The forthcoming NATO summit will only increase opposition. We will become pawns and hostages in someone else’s game. ”

In the same year, Tydyakov was seen at the forefront of the Peace March in Tallinn. Tshaulin, Klensky, Seredenko, and others familiar to Propastop readers organized the Peace March. You can read more about the Peace March here. This demonstration was also part of an anti-NATO movement.

In the summer of 2019, under the leadership of Tydyakov , a peculiar action took place, with which MTÜ Eesti Vanemad (NGO Estonian parents) and Sergei Tydyakov protested against the MJ Young Fest 2019 taking place in the Tondiraba ice rink, as the activists considered that several artists there were performing songs with obscene words. The concert, which was supposed to take place in the summer, but was postponed, took place in December, and Tydyakov was once again present with protest placards.

Tydyakov received a lot of attention for this action, which brought him to the news of the Russian-language ERR as well as to the ETV + program “Кто кого”.

In 2019, an anti 5G picket line with few participants took place in front of the Stenbock house at Toompea.

In August 2020, Tydyakov , together with Malysheva, organized a picket line against coronavirus restrictions in front of the German embassy in Tallinn. Tydyakov has also organized similar actions in front of the Kristiine Center and on Majaka Street, next to the Estonia Theater as well as elsewhere. We were able to see their continuation at Toompea.

In 2011, the Night Guard organized an election to find a leader for the Russian-speaking community in Estonia. Jüri Mishin won it. Tydyakov , who was also in the running, received fourth place in the results. The organizers stated that around 4,000 participants took part in the vote, but that the event did not receive much attention.

Tydyakov ‘s thoughts can be read on the portals,, as well as, for example, on the portal

Photos: Facebook group Estonian Parents, screenshot from the video.