Campaigns around the world to stop supporting websites with extreme views

It is not something new for advertising money to fall into the pockets of website operators who incite conspiracy theories, misinformation, and hate speech between different groups in society or spread hostile propaganda against societies.

Kevadtorm (Spring Storm) – provocation and deadly bacteria

Just as the exercises, Kevadtorm (Spring Storm) or Siil (Hedgehog) have become a tradition in the spring, so the boisterous reactions of the Kremlin media to them have become a tradition. The year 2021 was no exception, when the exercise in Estonia was again attacked in the Russian media.

Estonia finances Kremlin propaganda with hundreds of thousands of Euros

Hundreds of thousands of euros flow from Estonia and other Baltic countries to the Russian propaganda industry every year. These funds assist in creating divisions in our local society and insulting our population.

The Russian media was full of news about USA soldiers being injured at Nurmsi Air Base

The fact that American paratroopers sustained injuries upon landing during the Swift Response Airborne jump exercise was reported over robustly in the Russian media

May 9 proved profitable for Russian propaganda

This year, May 9 was celebrated peacefully. Tšaulin grabbed a key role for himself.

Sergei Tydyakov, a man at every protest and picket line

This spring, Sergei Tydyakov (Тыдыяков), a former activist of the Night Watch and a former member of the board of the NGO of the same name, has come to the media’s attention.