Russian portals receive millions of visits from Estonia every month


There has been a lot of talk in Estonia about which information channels Russian-speaking people here view. Local research companies analyze the viewing consumption of Estonian channels, and regular surveys are conducted on the viewing patterns of Russian TV channels.

Propastop reviewed the traceable numbers of Russia’s online channels. The most accurate numbers on the size and origin of the Russian information portal’s audience are on the webpages themselves, and this is a fairly well kept secret. However, it is possible to find out various things with the help of monitoring and analysis services.

We used two leading service providers in this field – Similarweb and Alexa Ranking – to help us get an overview of the visits of Russian information portals from Estonia.

The first is an internet analytics company founded in Israel in 2007, which has grown into a leading player in the field. One of the strengths of Similarweb is the analysis of the volume of Internet traffic, which allows you to provide an overview of the website traffic, visitor demographics and much more, and allows you to provide specific tracking numbers.

Another service, Alexa Internet, is a web traffic analysis company founded in 1996 and acquired by Amazon in 1999. Alexa is known for its Alexa Ranking, which shows a webpage’s ranking based on tracking statistics, giving an overview both globally and by country.

In the analysis, we used the information provided by both services. From the Similarweb solution, we collected information on the user numbers of Russian websites during the last 30 days, and with Alexa, we added the percentage of visits from each webpage from Estonia during the same period. Both pieces of information are estimates based on the data array underlying the service.

The webpages under review were (, Eadaily, Gazeta,, Lenta,, Ntv, Rusvesna, Tvz Zezda,,, Regnum,,, Ria. ru,, Inosmi). The total volume of visits from Estonia during the last 30 days was estimated at 6.2 million visits. For comparison, according to the data of Similarweb, the number of visitors to was 7.8 million and the number of visits to was 5.3 million.