Test your resistance to information threats

European Media Literacy Week started on Monday and part of it is a test, which measures your resistance to information disorder measures and the e-course connecting environment Desinfotest.ee.

Appearing on Kremlin TV is not OK

Propastop presents its position on the appearance of Estonian politicians on Russian propaganda television. Why are we opposed to these types of appearances?

The best practical applications on communication about the coronavirus

In the section “Propastop Library”, you can get an overview of webinars from Estonia and the world, where the pandemic, vaccination and communication topics are covered.

The role of media in a crisis

On a day when Estonian society is facing major closure and isolation lasting at least a month, it is appropriate to look at the role of the media as a stabilizer and provider of security.

Sputnik versus Sputnik

The opinion story of journalist Pavel Ivanov draws parallels between the two Sputniks, the vaccine and the propaganda channel. The Estonian Russian-language press attitudes are similar towards both.