The propaganda portal Sputnik is coming back to Estonia


On Tuesday afternoon, RIA Novost published news from the news portal launched in Estonia and created by the former editor-in-chief of Sputnik Estonia, Elena Cherysheva (Tšerõševa). The story is based on Cherysheva’s Facebook post, which promises to stand up for good neighborly relations and historical truth with our eastern neighbor, especially in the context of World War II.

The post also announces that the activities of the portal are supported by the Law Protection and Support Fund for Russian Compatriots Living Abroad (

The webpage looks like the good old Sputnik

The domain of the site is registered in the name of MTÜ SprutMeedia, which was founded on November 24, 2020. The board of the NGO consists of Elena Cherysheva, former editor-in-chief of Sputnik Estonia, and Mati-Dmitri Terestal, a realtor. The NGO is registered in Tallinn at Paavli 1. The former Sputnik Estonia’s operations and press center were also located there.

Terestal, who is also on the list of brokers of Prisma Kinnisvarad OÜ, exists on the boards of several other organizations. For example, he is the only member of the Management Board of Sprut Meedia OÜ, which is also registered at Paavli 1. In 2020, it was called ProfitFarm OÜ and was before that, in 2019, ProfitFarm UÜ (limited partnership).

Mati-Dmitri Terestal is also a member of the board of RAtechnology OÜ. The management board of this company also includes Vitaliy Churov and Vladimir Timofeev, who do not have Estonian personal identification codes or citizenships. In 2020, the private limited company was called Ubernaut OÜ and in 2019, it was still Ubernaut UÜ (limited partnership). Among the company’s contact information, you can still find the e-mail mailto:[email protected] of Wasp Project OÜ, which deals with the creation of organizations.

If you search for Mati-Dmitri Terestal’s name in the search engines, the brokered 2018 Sputnik article about the sailing ships Mir and Sedov’s, visits to Tallinn, comes up. We have also written about their visits to Tallinn at Propastop.

A section with a photo can be found in the report of the sailing ships, where the entrepreneur Mati-Dmitri Terestal recalls the years spent on on the deck of the Mir, when he studied at the Tallinn Maritime School.

Sputnik Estonia suspended its activities at due to the sanctions imposed on Dmitri Kisseljov in January 2020.

Photos: screenshots from websites