Unknown Telegram

Most of us know what Facebook Messenger and Twitter are, and many also use WhatsApp as well as Signal, but surprisingly little has been said about the messaging exchange environment, Telegram.

Concepts, misinformation and Russia

In January, the Estonian media wrote about the formation of concepts and meanings, the Navalny process and its media coverage in Russia, as well as the need for more official fact-checking.

The propaganda portal Sputnik is coming back to Estonia

On Tuesday afternoon, RIA Novost published news from the news portal sputnikmeedia.ee launched in Estonia and created by the former editor-in-chief of Sputnik Estonia, Elena Cherysheva (Tšerõševa).

The Russian Embassy and ERR: the opinions of experts

What did journalists and media specialists think of last week’s Propastop’s analysis, which scrutinized the publications of the Russian embassy’s messages in ERR? Read the new post!