Christmas puzzle answers

See if you hit the mark with your answers and solutions to the Christmas puzzle tasks.

Solving puzzles on Christmas

This time your ability to identify both locations and times when photographs were taken is being tested.

Another Sputnik is becoming a propaganda weapon

Last week, Kremlin channels broadcast news that Estonian residents want the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine to be available in Estonia. The Estonian media also contributed to the spread of the propaganda message.

These Estonian companies support Kremlin propaganda

See a list of companies that continue to advertise on Russian websites waging an information war against Estonia.

Defending the vote – an overview of Estonian election security

At the beginning of December, Princeton University published an overview “Defending the Vote: Estonia creates a network to combat disinformation, 2016-2020”, which describes the developments that have taken place in Estonia in the fight against disinformation in those years.

EADaily; a worker bee in the Kremlin’s information war

What kind of media publication is EADaily, whose news selection uses a tone that attacks and denigrates Estonia? Why are we moving this publication to our black list?