Helme – Biden scandal in the Kremlin media


Mart Helme’s accusations against the US electoral system and the naming of Joe Biden and his son as corrupt individuals was strongly written about by the Russian media.

Dozens of articles write about father and son Helme’s Sunday statements, as well as about Mart Helme’s resignation and the statement made during it.

The articles highlight Helme’s views over and over again how the US election is rigged, how Joe Biden and his son are corrupt individuals, and how there is no point in talking about democracy or the rule of law in the USA.

When writing about his resignation, Helme’s words are highlighted in that the Estonian media does not write the truth about what the entire US media is talking about, ie the falsification of elections.

The stories focus on those statements that support the damage to Estonia’s reputation in the eyes of Western partners. They are reproduced and distributed in different ways, “packaged” and presented from different angles.

Similar to previous scandals, this one has is one message that stands out 180 degrees from the rest of the messages.

This time, Regnum published some remarkable material, where Mikhail Demurin, an observer of the publication, had a commentary entitled “Estonian politician is against the right of Russians to vote, but condemns the US elections”.

Demurin wrote that Mart and Martin Helme told the truth, there is no democracy and the rule of law in the United States, and the results of the US elections are falsified. At the same time, the author points out that in Estonia itself specific elections are not rigged, but the entire electoral system is flawed, as a significant part of the Estonian population are non-citizens and therefore deprived of political rights, and EKRE has even initiated depriving non-citizens of the right to vote in local elections.

According to Demurin, Helme is motivated to speak like this by his constituency and makes a peculiar jab at Helme: “I hope that Steve Bannon will support and help him. When Trump wins the election, Helme will be back as the winner. ”

The background of the article is provided by a block added at the end of the text, “history of the topic” which states that Estonia’s political life is guided by two factors: Russia’s proximity and economic ties; as well as  an anti-Russian policy dictated by external actors, which highlights the rehabilitation of Nazism, the violation of the rights of the Russian-speaking population, accession to NATO and support for sanctions against Russia.

Mikhail Demurin is a program director and analyst at the Institute of Dynamic Conservatism, a former deputy director general of the Russian government at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who has worked with the Baltic nations.

Photo: Screenshot of the publication