Soviet symbols in public

The sickle and hammer and the red star are still displayed in hundreds of public places in Estonia. The use of Soviet symbols at public events is still not prohibited in Estonia.

The situation in the Nagorno-Karabakh information war is 5:3

Which side in the battles of Karabakh has been more successful in spreading its messages in the Estonian media? Read more!

How do you measure influence operations?

In September, Ben Nimmo, the former head of DFRLab and a long time expert in Influence activity and information operations, published an article on a new method for investigating influencing operations, “The Breakout Scale: Measuring the Impact of Influence Operations.”

DFRLab launched FIAT

The Atlantic Council’s Digital Research Laboratory launched the Foreign Interference Attribution Tracker or FIAT, to gain a better overview of USA election interventions.

Kremlin media conspiracy theories on the sinking of the Estonia

Our eastern neighbour’s media seems convinced that a Swedish submarine is to blame for the tragedy. They believe that Russia will also be blamed.