Boat refugees were portrayed as Nazi escapees


On Sunday, September 20, the installation “Boat of Tears” was opened at the Vabaduse väljak (Freedom square) in Tallinn, commemorating the 76th anniversary of the mass escape of refugees from the Second World War in the late summer of 1944.

In commemorating this sad event, the Russian propaganda publication managed a surprisingly blatant propaganda jab, warping the story about the official opening of the memorial monument “Tallinn’s Boat of Tears” by headlining it as a commemoration of Estonians who fled with the Nazis. ”

The short news, with references to the story of ERR, focused on the number of people who left Estonia in 1944, pointing out that 75,000-80,000 people left here that year and about all together 300,000 people fled to the West from the Baltic States.

The reason for these numbers according to the story was the fear of Soviet rule, which is why Hitler’s German rule was preferred; adding that some also cooperated directly with the Nazis.

The story was published by the portal, familiar to Propastop readers, which has previously stood out by producing and distributing anti-Estonian stories in the Russian propaganda media. During this period, more blatant pieces created by Baltnews also reached the Russian propaganda media.

Several secondary pick-up and intermediary sites have distributed EADaily’s news.

EADaily or The Eurasia Daily is a medium-sized news agency and portal created in 2015. The publication ranks among other Russian propaganda publications and is registered with the Russian Media, Communication and Information Technology Supervision Service Roskomnadzor.

According to information from Similarweb, which allows websites to be compared, EADaily has a website with around 8.3 million visitors. With similar ratings, for example, this is a breeding ground for all kinds of suspicious information and the source is

EADaily is managed by Евразия Дейли, owned by Sorkin Boris Arkadevich and Hakobjan Vigen Korjunovitch. In 2018, the company’s turnover was 8.4 million rubles and a loss of 7.9 million. The company has won two public procurements in Russia with a total value of 455,613 rubles.

Hakobjan Vigen Korjunovitch has worked for a long time for the publication Regnum, which is familiar to Propastop readers. In 2006, he became Regnum’s deputy editor-in-chief and later editor-in-chief, which led to his inclusion in the Mirotvorets register of terrorists, mercenaries, war criminals and Kremlin influencers in Ukraine.

Sorkin Boris Arkadevitch has been the CEO of Regnum since 2001. According to the latest information, he is the owner of two more news or information agencies and the president of the Moscow-based development fund “Institute of Caucasian Democracy”.