Propastop Library – documentary film „Propaganda – The Art of Selling Lies“

It will still be possible for a bit less three weeks, to watch the documentary film “Propaganda – The Art of Selling Lies”, which is being broadcast on ETV2.

Boat refugees were portrayed as Nazi escapees

The Russian publication EADaily compared the 1944 refugees from Estonia as individuals escaping with the Nazis.

A history club that feeds propaganda media

The Club Front Line is connected with anti-Estonian influence activities through the Russian Embassy and propaganda media.

Propaganda media’s keyword of the week – rocket

Last week, the word rocket in the Estonian media caught the attention of the Russian media.

The Russian embassy is increasing Facebook activity

The activity of the Russian embassy in distributing propaganda messages has increased. Posts related to history and Soviet nostalgia are being widely distributed.

The Belarus information room is under pressure

There is a strong Russian influence in the Belarusian media space, which is reflected in the content of the media as well as in the form of ownership.

The Kremlin media is threatening a new Bronze soldier night

Last week, several articles appeared in the Kremlin’s media speculating on the possibility of a new Bronze Soldier Night in Estonia. Will the subject bring about a new propaganda attack?