Victory- the Internet Foundation imposed a restriction on Rossija Segodnya’s domains


The process launched by Propastop won to limit the use of Rossija Segodnya’s domains.

Domains have been banned from operating
On June 12, the Estonian Internet Foundation (EISA) imposed restrictions on two domains registered in Estonia in the name of Rossija Segodnya, and EISA has imposed a ban on domain names, which means that no operations can be performed on the domain name. For example, a domain name cannot be transferred and thereby raise funds or services.

According to the head of the Money Laundering database Unit, Madis Reimand, EISA contacted RAB at the end of April, and RAB agreed with EISA on the implementation of international financial sanctions. “In the opinion of the RAB, the restriction of domain operations is an appropriate measure and will ensure the application of a sanction for the freezing of economic resources.”

Madis Reimand: The restriction on the use of a domain name means that the domain name cannot be sold or have the registration name changed from Rossija Segodnya to another individual. This does not restrict access to the respective websites and the websites can be continuously updated. ”

Rossiya Segodnya’s Director-General, Dmitri Kiseljov, is subject to European Union sanctions because he is involved in activities that undermine or threaten Ukraine’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence, which means that his assets must be frozen and no economic resources made available to him.

According to Reimand, no separate sanctions have been imposed on Rossija Segodnya, but the obligation to freeze assets and the ban on making funds available extends to all legal entities controlled by persons on the sanctions list. „As Director General, D. Kiseljov has control over Rossiya Segodnya’s activities, which is why Rossiya Segodnya’s assets must be frozen and the ban on making funds available must be monitored. ”

The spread of propaganda is not restricted
Propastop has for a long time and consistently paid attention to the need to restrict the use of the Estonian national domain .ee, by Rossija Segodnya, the owner of and

Although the restriction imposed in June does not prevent access to pro-Kremlin propaganda, the Propastop editorial office appreciates the decision and the steps taken. Time will tell if and how the decision will directly affect the operations of Sputnik Estonia and Baltnews.

The domains are registered until April ( and May ( of next year and must then be renewed then, during which time money must once again move from Rossija Segodnya to the Internet Foundation.