Answers to the picture game


Here are the answers to the picture game published before Midsummer’s Day.

This time the game called to identify the time shown in the pictures. Many thanks to everyone who looked for solutions, the result of the prize draw will be announced on the Propastop FB page over the weekend.

  1. Was this photo taken before or after Midsummer’s Day 2017?

if you have enough patience

Answer: before

The answer to the warm-up question can be easily found directly in the photo. Kadriorg Art Museum’s exhibition “Love“. Motifs in Art from the 16th to the beginning of the 20th Century ”poster reads 16.04.-2? .08.2016. Apparently, the photo represents the summer of 2016.

  1. On which year of Midsummer’s Day was this procession taken?

Answer: 2009

The solution is offered by the sign NGO Continuous Action shown in the photo. On the association’s website, you will find a photo album where you can find other pictures of the same 2009 event.

True, the picture was not taken exactly on Midsummer’s Day, but probably on July 4, 2009 during the song festival procession. Therefore, the answer that this picture was not taken on Midsummer’s Day can also be considered correct.

  1. Does this photo represent a moment in time before or after Midsummer’s Day 2018?

Answer: after

There are several ways to accomplish this task. The answer could be an image search, but since the screenshot is from a Youtube video, the search engine is often unable to identify the correct video.

Another tip could be given by the cranes in the photo. The name Kalaranna can be seen on the wall painting on the right, the development of Tallinn’s Kalaranna was granted a building permit in the autumn of 2019, so the picture is probably from a later time.

However, the white car shown in the picture offers a definite hint. The Toyota RAV4 fifth series model did not go on sale until the end of 2018, in Europe in 2019.

The screenshot is from a car camera video taken in June 2020 (time 13:02).

  1. What is the year during Midsummer time of this world map?

Answer: 1967

The upper limit of the time window is autumn 1967. Southern Yemen, still depicted on the map as British Aden protectorate, becomes independent in November 1967. The time window also confirms the Spanish settlement of Rio Muni (independent Equatorial Guinea since August 1969) and the British colony of Swaziland (independent since September 1968).

On the lower part of the map is independent Lesotho (It was the British colony of Basutoland until October 1966 ) and Botswana (It was the British protectorate Bethshanea until September 1966).

The map is probably from the 1967 version of the school atlas.

  1. What year was this photo taken at Midsummer’s Eve?

Answer: 2008

The time frame hint is provided by the R-taxi ad pictured. R-taxi operated in Rakvere in 2007-2014. Setting the time frame can also be considered the right answer.

The fact that the place depicted in the picture is the Rakvere Vallimäe concert stage is confirmed by an additional picture search among the Midsummer bonfires in Lääne-Virumaa.

The exact date of the most interesting question can be found by searching for the keyword “Midsummer’s eve bonfire” alluded to the question that was the most popular of that period among Estonian photo environments. The solution requires a lot of manual review of the material, but in the end, if you have enough patience the photo can be found in the environment.