Help, we have lost the time!


Media literacy is a section of Propastop that offers readers a chance to test their attention and inference skills. We organize such exercises a few times a year, with the aim of developing the ability to critically analyze media images.

This year’s Midsummer Day image game focuses on the localization of the time of images. Can you tell what time the photos below were taken?

  1. Was this photo taken before or after Midsummer’s Day 2017?

  1. On which year of Midsummer’s Day was this procession taken?

  1. Does this photo represent a moment in time before or after Midsummer’s Day 2018?


  1. What is the year during Midsummer time of this world map?

  1. What year was this photo taken at Midsummer’s Eve?

Share your answers, and especially the solutions on Propastop’s Facebook page or send them to the e-mail address [email protected] no later than Thursday, June 25, 2020.

All those who will send their answers and solutions by the right date, will be included in a draw for the book “Using Social Media as a Weapons System”.

We will publish the correct answers and the solutions on our blog on Friday, June 26.