Kremlin affiliated activists are restoring Stalin under the guise of charity


A Facebook posting with a video describing the sale of a sweatshirt with Stalin’s picture on it has drawn much attention. Reading the post, it became clear that a new project “Вдохни жизнь” (Breath life into it) has been launched to raise money for the Cancer Patient Support Fund “Gift of Life”.

The initiative has been launched by FB’s Aera Vulgaris site, familiar to Propastop readers, as well as one of its leading figures, Stanislav Pupkevitch. The project consists of printing the Aera Vulgaris logo with some ideas or word plays on used clothes and then putting them up for sale.

One of the first products designed by AV was a black sweatshirt with a large image of Stalin on the back and the inscription “Сталина на Вас нет, а на мне есть!” It is a Russian colloquialism, expressing the longing of a hard hand, which is difficult to translate exactly.

AV announced in the post that this and other similar clothes will be put up for sale and that the money is being raised for charity. The Estonian charity fund “Gift of Life” has been chosen as its first support object.

The purpose of the sweatshirt designed in this way remains confusing, and even more questionable is the aim to collect support for charity through the campaign. Currently, the campaign is on Facebook and Instagram, and through hashtags, it is associated with the Gift of Life Foundation, cancer treatment, as well as the coronavirus and covid-19.

According to Propastop, this is another desire to create a scandal, gain attention and legitimize pro-Kremlin trends. At the moment, charity has been chosen as a cover and the raising of money for it should justify any other suspicious practices.

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