Russian propagandists concerned with censorship in the Baltics and Ukraine

Russian propagandists formulated their concerns about the censorship of the material they produce in a report entitled “Censored Europe 2020: Suppressing Freedom of Speech in the Baltics and Ukraine”.

Estonia is unjustifiably associated with the trolling of the Immortal Regiment

The Kremlin is trying to show Estonia as one of the culprits in the case of photos of Nazi leaders uploaded to the website of the Immortal Regiment

Can Sputnik keep on violating sanctions in Estonia?

On May 20, the registration of the Estonian domain of the propaganda portal Sputnik will expire. Can EU sanctions prevent Rossiya Segodnya from prolonging it?

Spreading fake news: Was a monument in the Blue Mountains to a SS Division blown up?

A few days before May 9, a story appeared in a minor Russian newspaper, about how a stone monument to the 20th SS Grenadier SS Division was blown up in the Blue Mountains. The story is 100% fiction.

In a war-game confrontation between Russia and the West – who will remain?

There have been highs and lows in relations between the West and Russia, which have been both covertly and openly accompanied by Russian demonstrations of strength. The RAND war game held in 2019 clearly shows where the strengths of the West and Russia are in this confrontation.

Coronavirus spring and May 9.

This year, it is recommended to avoid large Victory Day gatherings. Instead, there is various information on the Internet for alternative celebrations of that day. Propastop reviews them.

Kremlin affiliated activists are restoring Stalin under the guise of charity

A Facebook posting drew attention with a video describing the sale of a sweatshirt with Stalin’s picture on it.