A video lecture from a security expert who is derogatory towards Estonia will be held here


The historian Nikolai Mezhevitsch, who has become active in recent months in his negatively toned statements against Estonia and the Baltic nations, will give a lecture at the Impressum Club next week.

Propastop readers are familiar with Nikolai Mezhevitsch, the head of the Russian Baltic Research Center, since the beginning of 2017, when Svobodnaja Pressa published a long interview with him under the title „Leningrad nuclear power plant has become a target for Estonians“

At that time, based on an unknown Estonian expert, Mezhevitsch came up with the idea that Estonia plans to eliminate the safety systems of Russian nuclear power plants in the event of aggressive steps from Russia.

Last week, Mezhevitsch stated in the Estonian Russian-language Social Media that of the Baltic nations, Estonia would suffer the most economically due to the coronavirus. Mezhevitsch has been an active security commentator in the Russian media, including Sputnik, on the issues of Estonia and the other Baltic nations, expressing mostly negative attitudes towards Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Impressum club
Mezhevitsch will give a video lecture at the Impressum club. Impressum is a discussion club that meets once a month at the Euroopa hotel conference hall in Tallinn. People from different walks of life from Russia are invited to perform. In most cases, the lecturers’ views coincide with the Kremlin’s official policy and are hostile towards Estonia. Some performers have also been banned from entering Estonia.

Õhtuleht made a report on one of the club’s night meetings in 2015, which dealt with the events in Ukraine.

The discussion club is led by Igor Teterin, head of OÜ SKP Media, which publishes the European version of Komsomolskaya Pravda, kompravda.eu.

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