Propaganda message from the Kremlin: Masks sent to Estonia are Russian humanitarian aid


Last week, good news spread in Estonia during this emergency crisis situation. On Thursday, April 2, a plane with millions of protective masks and other protective equipment landed in Tallinn. The equipment procured from China within the framework of a joint order between Estonia and Latvia and with the help of the Estonian online store, Hansapost is to alleviate the shortage of protection against the coronavirus.

However, The Kremlin’s propaganda media showed the event as Russia’s aid to Estonia. „ A Russian plane brought masks, protective suits and gloves from China to Estonia,“ was the news headlined by „Russian pilots helped the Baltics fight the coronavirus,“ stated the Rossiiskaja Gazeta. „A Russian plane brings humanitarian aid from China to Estonia,“ writes „Russia brings masks and gloves to Estonia while the USA sends Javelin missiles,“ explained news appeared in the same tone in several portals and some accounts, illustrated with pictures of a transport plane with a Russian flag.

The masks are not Russian aid

Indeed, a Russian transport company, Volga-Dneper II-76 plane, brought the masks but this is in no way humanitarian aid from our eastern neighbour. The masks were purchased with Estonian government funds. This airline is Hansapost’s long-term logistics partner, which was hired to deliver the shipment due to a favourable price.

The propaganda message „Russia’s humanitarian aid to Estonia“ is not very widespread today, but could become widespread at any moment. The incident is in line with the Kremlin’s propaganda aid to Italy, the United States, Iran and other countries (read the list of „aid recipient“ countries). The fact that „charity“ is in fact a propaganda message of the Putin regime to break out of international isolation has been pointed out by several Western publications such as the BBC, Coda and Foreign Policy.

Could the incident have been prevented? Of course, Hansapost or the Estonian government should have been aware of the possible threat of propaganda. Warning signs were in the air. There has been a lot of talk in the Estonian media about the Kremlin’s „aid“ to Italy.

In the future, it is worth bearing in mind that any cooperation with Russia, including ordinary business, can at any time become a tool of Kremlin propaganda and PR actions.

A shipment, which arrived yesterday, April 5, was also delivered by a Russian airline, Pegas Fly. As of this morning, it is not yet clear whether this delivery will give rise to another wave of propaganda news glorifying Russia’s willingness to help.

As additional mask shipments are coming in, it would be worthwhile choosing a company from another country to fly them here just in case.


Images: screenshots of the articles referenced in the story.