The Estonian Internet Foundation is violating sanctions against Russia through a Danish company

EU sanctions have been imposed on Kremlin propagandist Dmitry Kisselyov. Despite this, a company run by Kisseljov has registered Internet domains in Estonia.

The official arrival of airplane propaganda

Tuesday’s social media posting at the Russian Embassy in Tallinn leaves no doubt about the use of transport aircraft delivering goods to Estonia as propaganda.

The FB webpage attacking Estonia’s methods to fight the coronavirus is associated with the Kremlin’s networks of influence

The Facebook webpage Za Buduštšeje is actively fighting against Estonian coronavirus policy. The site’s carriers have worked with activists spreading the Kremlin’s messages.

A video lecture from a security expert who is derogatory towards Estonia will be held here

The historian Nikolai Meževits, who has become active in recent months in his negatively toned statements against Estonia and the Baltic nations, will give a lecture at the Impressum Club next week.

Look behind your back as well!

Public video broadcasts from your home pose a security risk.

Propaganda message from the Kremlin: Masks sent to Estonia are Russian humanitarian aid

The Kremlin does not hesitate to use the coronavirus to spread propaganda. Several publications depicted medical equipment arriving in Estonia as a Russian Aid consignment.

Conspiracy theories are ruining trust

Propastop recently wrote about the crazy conspiracy theories around the coronavirus. Why do many people still believe in conspiracy theories and how are they used in information conflicts.