The petty criminal is also a human being – news from the coronavirus swindles front


The threat of coronavirus and the situation where a large number of people are isolated or secluded in their homes and only communicate via electronic channels has created new opportunities for criminals.

Pension home delivery stops!

The latest news of frauds came Wednesday evening, when police notified that crooks had begun calling older people. The phone calls said that the coronavirus has caused the stoppage of home delivery of pensions and asked for the person’s bank account and online banking access information.

Home disinfection service

The next scamming news came this week on Wednesday and talked about how people are being offered fake home disinfection services.

According to the police, a man who speaks Estonian and offers home disinfection services calls people from an Estonian phone number. According to the police, the purpose of this service is questionable and the individual offering such cleaning services is not registered in the commercial register.

Fake coronavirus tests

A day earlier, on Tuesday, the Health Board warned people against fake coronavirus tests.

According to TA unfortunately, there are people who in every situation try to make a profit and do so at the expense of public health. The Health Board has received information about several COVID-19 quick tests that are missing CE markings. The CE mark indicates that the product has been evaluated by the manufacturer and complies with EU requirements.

According to the agency, at least in one case, a test for home use was a faked copy. „The self-test medical device for home use is meant for residential use by people who lack medical training. In the conformity assessment procedure (or approval process) of such tests, the manufacturer must have the EC certificate of conformity issued by the regulatory agency, which certifies that the test complies with established requirements.

However, the certificate for this test turned out to be forged, which means that the test itself is considered to be a fake. The results of such tests cannot be trusted.“

Phishing letters

On Tuesday the CERT-EE, a cyber incident advisor, also warned about swindles, which if a message arrives in your inbox with opportunities for working at home or about the coronavirus, please check the email thoroughly. Criminals are using the situation to hack data or distribute malware.

An example was a phishing letter that offered a person to join a telecommuting team.

Propastop also warns against all kinds of theft, when people are in quarantine at one place, they are unlikely to be in another place, the office. Think about the security of your offices, businesses and summer homes.