Conspiracy theories about the coronavirus are among us



There is still a great deal of uncertainty and ignorance around the coronavirus, which gives impetus to all sorts of conspiracy theories, and a large amount of false information is also spread due to excessive anxiety.

Õhtuleht  and Delfi wrote in February about worldwide news and conspiracy theories on the coronavirus. Propastop looked at suspicious materials distributed in Estonia.

The first and most widespread conspiracy theory is about the relationship between the high-speed data 5G and the coronavirus. 5G, as an innovative technology has also independently gathered all sorts of conspiracy theories. This has also opened up the possibility of investigating the development and spread of coronavirus.

Since both topics are incomprehensible to the average person, conspiracy theories on them are also rapidly spreading.

An interesting theory. What is really going on with the Coronavirus? I have a clear picture now! So far, I have felt somewhere there is a piece of the puzzle that has not been mentioned… Does this virus exist in a form that spreads through the air? Can developed viruses via air that is an antibiotic or distorted protein residue? Maybe something else needs to be looked at? Why is mainstream media telling us lies about deaths by talking about 1000x smaller numbers? How can tens of thousands of people in downtown Wuhan, China walk side by side on the street without any side effects? (They are trying to limit the spread of these videos) Why is the „Coronavirus spread“ active just where the full 60Hz 5G was recently activated? Wuhan recently installed 130,000 masts, which made it the largest 5G enriched city in the world. USA, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Italy – all started this year with a 5G campaign and mass installations. People are collapsing there due to a shortage of oxygen. Why? Because 60Hz compresses oxygen molecules and causes severe breathing difficulties. Most victims of the „Coronavirus“ lack fevers. What kind of a cold type disease does not have fevers??? Large commercial buildings, hotels, private houses, etc. are put into quarantine. They are close to 5G masts. Now the next question. How does it affect certain people but not all? „Live“ viruses (that are never airborne) and heavy metals. Adding the vaccine to be hopefully created to the coronavirus and 5G symbiosis resulted in an additional degree of conspiracy.


New vaccines are full of nano particles, that along with the spread of 5G, there is a potential for human manipulation and death if you want to get rid of an individual. Everything is planned in advance. Compulsory vaccination is planned. Prison or death if not vaccinated. However, of course, you cannot talk loudly about it, and then you are a paranoid conspiracy theorist and a fool. The technique is such that if half a million are allowed to die so that billions of people must buy this very expensive vaccine or face a jail sentence. Just like a driving license. You can drive perfectly but if you do not have that piece of paper (for 1000€) you might as well sell your car. Drive 100m and immediately you are in the sights of the traffic police.


The next conspiracy theory, which is even more strongly affirmed, speaks of the coronavirus as a biological weapon that has been freed because of an accident.

A Bioweapons expert thinks that we are dealing with a synthetic virus Bioweapons Expert Speaks Out About Novel Coronavirus


Such a theory has been recognized by Facebook fact checkers as false news and has begun to limit its spread, which in turn has led to public outrage.

Your posting contains false information Science Feedback has verified the proof of your shared content You can view more information from independent fact controllers who investigate Facebook’s misrepresentation reports False: This cause of COVID-19 has been definitively identified in scientific studies as a novel coronavirus All fact-controllers who work with Facebook must hear from and follow the international fact-finding network. See how Facebook is working with independent fact checkers to stop the spread of fake news. Watch the video in the Help Center.


Facebook fact controllers have limited fake news spreading in Estonia, for example, the story that Pope Francis has been infected with the coronavirus, and that the US Health Board is advising men to remove beards as a precaution against coronavirus.

Disturbing video: Coronavirus victims buried in mass graves in between private dwellings in Iran – eestinen.f

A separate topic is Estonia’s „behind the corner” publications, which by clicking will open scandalous articles related to coronavirus from all sorts of foreign publications, which unfortunately very often get shared on Social Media. FB users include such papers as,, as well as lõ

Fake news and conspiracy theories have developed into groups and webpages on Facebook on coronavirus, alternative medicine and esoterically themed groups. These type of materials can be found in groups like Coronavirus, Folk medicine, Ancestral Knowledge and Wisdom; Estonian Anonymous Group; Fake News; I want to know the truth etc.

Fortunately, however not all has been lost and Facebook’s moderators and fact checkers have been able to control a number of common conspiracy theories that have now been automatically restricted by the environment.

You may also find calls by environmental users for fake news and spam news not to be shared.

In regards to the emergency situation, it is also important to monitor mental hygiene as well. In this regard, I urge you to avoid the fake news feed distributors (like pages, and most importantly, do not share them! Spreading false information and arousing fears is the last thing we need in the current situation. In other countries such saboteurs are subject to laws, we must initially constrain them with social pressure.

Photos: Screenshots from Facebook