The Kremlin’s censoring of the coronavirus is a threat to Estonia

An Estonian person who gets his news from Russian media is given a mistakenly mild impression of this crisis. The result may be a risk to their health.

What are the stages of the coronavirus crisis?

Every crisis has certain stages and so does the coronavirus. At what stage are we in this crisis?

Coronavirus dictionary – covidiot

With the coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic, a new word, covidiot has begun to circulate on the internet.

Conspiracy theories, disinformation, coronavirus!

On Monday, two superior writings on conspiracy theories and false information appeared in the Estonian media. Delfi Fortes published a large article by Taavi Minnik about conspiracy theories and the coronavirus and ERR published Péter Krekó’s and Patrik Szicherle’s article on false information caused by the coronavirus.

A fresh dose of coronavirus folklore

Propastop summarizes the theories, myths, and opinions about the virus and the state of emergency in online forums in Estonia.

The petty criminal is also a human being – news from the coronavirus swindles front

The threat of coronavirus and the situation where a large number of people are isolated or secluded in their homes and only communicate via electronic channels has created new opportunities for criminals.

Conspiracy theories about the coronavirus are among us

There is still a great deal of uncertainty and ignorance around the coronavirus, which gives impetus to all sorts of conspiracy theories, and a large amount of false information is also spread due to excessive anxiety.

Estonian soil has become a propaganda tool for the Russian Armed Forces

In March, capsules containing soil from mass graves in Estonia and eleven other countries were placed in the foyer of the Central Museum of the Russian Armed Forces.

Which TV programs make PBK a propaganda channel?

Not everything shown on PBK is propaganda. However, there are still enough propaganda programs on the channel as to not diminish PBK’s role as a tool for the Kremlin’s influence activities.

Kremlin channels are overemphasizing the propagandist’s entry ban

Estonian authorities restricted Izvestija worker Andrei Zakharov from entering Europe. The case is currently receiving a lot of attention in the Russian media, including an ongoing propaganda attack.