Kremlin activists ’„Righteous Estonia“ creeps on to the arena


„They are hooligans – these money hungry directors,“ „Their Nazi style nature does not bring them peace. Regardless of their wealth, they still have a lack of money. They want to exist at the expense of Russian children, so they can laughingly drink their blood in the classrooms.“ These sentences are from a Facebook page launched last Spring.

The Facebook page Справедливая Эстония, was launched on May 18 and has so far gathered 1541 followers. The postings consist mainly of articles by Sputnik, Baltnews, RuBaltic and Russian news portals, with articles from the Estonian media that fit into the context that defame Estonia.

The postings feature Dmitri Klenski, Alisa Blintsova, Allan Hantsom, Sergei Seredenko, Vladimir Ilyashevich and many others are familiar to Propastop readers.

From November 11, articles on appeared on the FB website, and on November 14, the web address was changed to on Facebook.

„ News portal“ is initiated
Looking at what the new site contains, a list of authors including Klenski, Hantsomi, Blintsova, Rusakovi and Seredenko, stands out. Also on the list are Sputnik co-authors, Pavel Smirnov, Jelena Grigorjeva and Night Guard activist and co-author Sergei Tõdõjakov and others.

Dmitry Klensky, Elena Grigoryeva and Allan Hantsom appear to be the most active authors.

The page is not overly active in terms of postings and the structure also leaves something to be desired. The contents include articles on historical themes, critical publications by Klenski and Hantsom in Estonia and a series of articles on historical films.

The domain of the website was registered on September 27, 2019 and the site is hosted on OÜ server. A closer look reveals that Alexander Kotov is managing the site, who is also contributing to the development of as well as developing the Russian orthodox dating site has also contributed to the content of This is where the first articles of the portal came from. is founded by the Russian Education Foundation * which claims to be a historical extension of the Russian Education Foundation, founded in 1923 by Aleksei Janson.

There are efforts to actively distribute the contents of portal on Social Media, especially on Facebook. They are spread mainly by Russian activists in groups like Выборы в Эстонии, Русский Дискуссионный клуб, Русскоязычная Эстония, Объединённая Левая партия, Колывань, Город Таллинн @tallinn.estonija, Новости Эстонии, Открытая Нарва etc. All well known to Propastop readers.

Origins can also be found elsewhere
Looking into it further, inconsistent attempts to create web pages in other environments began to emerge. For example, you can find a partial website at As well, with 117 followers, you can find Vkontakte’s empty page at the address,

Whether Справедливая Эстония is a substitute for Sputnik or a new experiment for the Kremlin, time will tell. Propastop will keep track of any developments.

Photo: Screenshots of Facebook and the environment.