David Vseviov’s radio lectures on Soviet propaganda


In early January, on the Vikerraadio show “Mystical Russia” historian David Vseviov addressed Soviet propaganda before the outbreak of the Winter War, in the early days of the war and in the following months.

Vseviov gave an overview of the techniques, narratives and tactics used during this period and how they changed over time and according to the situation. The lecture discussed what tools and concepts the Soviet Union used in the conflict and how they were exploited.

An exciting lecture to listen to was aired in the summer of 2019 on the use and development of propaganda in the pre-World War II period and how it changed as the war began. Vseviov described how cinematographic conception and messages were used and applied to propaganda during this period.

Good additions to the afore mentioned is a lecture on what was written by Soviet newspapers on September 17, 1939 when the Red Army entered Poland as well as a lecture on MRP coverage in the Soviet press at the beginning of September 1939.

The cherry on top of the cake in Soviet propaganda analysis is the book by David Vseviov, Irina Belobrovceva and Aleksandr Danilevskij on creating images of the enemy in pre-WWII political cartoons.

„Mystical Russia“ is a series of programs by David Vbseviov devoted to Russian history, covering various aspects and epochs from the beginning of Russian history to the 20th century. It looks at both political history and cultural history.

“Mystical Russia” airs on Vikerraadio at 11:20 on Sundays.

Photos: Opening image from Vikerraadio home page, poster of the film “Alexander Nevsky