The problems surrounding PBK have not yet received much attention by the Kremlin

Although PBK has a much larger audience and influence than Sputnik Estonia, the stories about the suspension of its news service in Russia have not received much attention.

Who controls the past, controls the future

Russia’s need to distort and interpret history to their own benefit, especially the historical facts related to World War II, is nothing new, but with the 75th anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War this year, the Kremlin’s propaganda machine has been particularly forceful.

Kremlin activists ’„Righteous Estonia“ creeps on to the arena

A new information portal in the Estonian, Russian-language information space is gaining attention, the authors are, Klenski, Hantsom, Blintsova and others, which are well known to readers of Propastop.

Will the anti-5G propaganda threat also attack Estonia?

The introduction and use of fifth-generation cellular networks has led to a wave of misinformation, conspiracy theories and biased communications, apparently organized by the Kremlin. Will such a campaign reach Estonia?

David Vseviov’s radio lectures on Soviet propaganda

In early January, on the Vikerraadio (Rainbow radio) show “Mystical Russia” historian David Vseviov addressed Soviet propaganda before the outbreak of the Winter War, in the early days of the war and in the following months.

The Estonian Internet Foundation receives money from sanctioned Rossiya Segodnya

Services to Sputnik and Baltnews, including the use of .ee-end domains, are subject to EU sanctions and should therefore be terminated. This is easy to do between April and May at the latest.

Early warning! A propaganda film project from Russia is coming to Estonia

A Soviet war film project made by the film studio „Mosfilm“ is likely to be in the Estonian movie theaters by April-May.