Kremlin phobias


The Russian media, operating under the Kremlin’s leadership, has been exploiting a wide variety of fears over the years. The EuvsDisinfo portal collected them and we will share some of them with Propastop readers.

Alethophobia – fear of truth

One of the most widely used fears in the Kremlin’s propaganda is to prevent the truth from being revealed, either directly or by distorting the truth. There are numerous examples of this in Propastop articles.

Allodoxaphobia – fear of judgement

Next is the fear that has become prevalent in the Russian media, making any opinion different from Kremlin narratives, evil and undesirable. Therefore, opinions and messages that are published are subject to intense scrutiny. This is even the case with opinion and story broadcasts in the Russian media.

Atelophobia – fear of imperfection

The disapproval of one’s own mistakes is characteristic of Kremlin politicians and is often manifested in the Russian media. The most prominent examples of attempts not to admit their mistakes to the very end are the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine as well as the case of Sergei Skripal.

Autophobia – fear of being alone

Fear expressed both in compatriot politics, in the search for allies in support of Kremlin narratives, and the rhetoric of the Russian leadership, often expressed in accusations of Russophobia.

Demophobia – fear of crowds

The fear among Russian leaders against all sorts of rallies and protests, manifested in both denying and blocking demonstrations in Russia, but also in wanting to intervene and influence the events in other countries.

Eleutherophobia – fear of freedom

The fear that exists in any authoritarian government is also commonplace in the Kremlin, in which they are afraid of democracy, human rights and any surge in freethinking in Russia and the societies under its influence.

The full list of Kremlin phobias can be read here.

The Baltophobia that we wrote about in April last year has not yet been included in the list.

Photo: Susan Smith /Flickr / CC