Russenfrei: a new word in the Kremlin propaganda lexicon

Since December, we have encountered the use of the word russenfrei in propaganda texts concerning Estonia. What is this term?

How successful is the Kremlin’s punitive action due to Sputnik?

As of yesterday, a month has passed since the Speaker of the Russian Federation Council, Valentina Matviiyenko, promised tough measures against Estonia due to the restrictions on Sputnik’s activities in the country. How far has it gone, up to now?

The Kremlin is reviving Red Army monuments in Estonia

A Red Army monument was „reopened“ in Tallinn less than a month ago. This Spring promises to bring further World War II related propaganda actions.

The Swedish solution to information attacks: building up their resistance ability

Sweden, a country that has built its security on the principle of neutrality, has begun to increase the resistance ability of its society to information attacks.

The Russian embassy in Tallinn is distorting reality with numbers

The Russian Embassy in Tallinn is using Social Media to try to make it look like 229,000 Estonian citizens have visited Crimea in 2019.

Propaganda in December

Last year’s holiday month of December was rather modest in the writing of propaganda and information manipulation. The emphasis was on data and the writing of their misuse.

Kremlin phobias

The Russian media, operating under the Kremlin’s leadership, has been exploiting a wide variety of fears over the years.

Propaganda in the year 2019

Propastop’s editorial board looked at last year’s propaganda. Here are the highlights.