The last two gifts have been delivered


Santa’s concern with finding the last two addresses have now been resolved. The addresses have been found and gifts received.

This time the clues were of a medium variety and did not require any „strenuous detection“. Both pictures were full of clues. In addition to the EXIF data left in the files, the pictures also contained a number of clues to the location or at least the wider surroundings.

As with any picture game, there are several solutions. Here is an example of one of those, below.

The first picture shows recognizable street signs at an intersection.

One of the intersecting streets is S. Mechanic. Although the second street name is blurry in the picture, it can be seen that it consists of two parts; containing the capital letter „E“ and the word „Main“ or something similar, with four letters.

A search on Google Maps for „S Mechanic“ as well as „South Mechanic“ returns a number of matches that show that the intersecting street should be „E. Main“. Unfortunately, there are many such intersections but now it would be worthwhile to use the app, making it easier to analyze intersections. The site offers eight intersections with S. Mechanic and E. Main streets and from there it is easy to find something of interest.

This is an intersection in Sharpsburg and from there it is fairly simple to find the house with this Christmas tree in front. The address is 100 E. Main st. Sharpsburg, USA.

It is even easier with the second photo.

You can solve the problem by doing a reverse picture search or you can search for photos containing the word dolphin and input the photos in a search engine.

For example, if you search for “dolphin statue Christmas,” a similar dolphin-shaped photo will appear already in the third screen, where you will find out that the keyword Avalon is associated with the shape.

Now using the search for “dolphin Avalon,” you will soon find an image that specifies that it is a New Jersey location.

Since you will not be able to find anymore images of that particular dolphin, you have to manually search Avalon sites where this dolphin can be found. There is also an ad in the image, where unfortunately you cannot accurately identify the name of the restaurant but it starts with the letter C and consists of two words.

When searching for the site and a restaurant that starts with the letter C, you can easily find the location. The address is 2108 Dune Dr, Avalon, NJ 08202, where there is a Circle Pizza place.

Many correct answers were received with P.R. winning the lottery

George G. Chiodo and Dave Albright provided the photo game pictures