Santa Claus is asking for help


The Christmas holidays are now close to ending but Santa Claus has still two more gifts to deliver.

Unfortunately, he only has photos of the destinations, and is now asking Propastop readers for help in identifying the addresses of the last two gifts.

The first gift must be brought to the house, which has a fir tree in front of it.

The second gift needs to be delivered to the house, which is behind the statue shown in the photo here on the left side

Share your answers, but in particular the solutions and pictures of the proofs of the solutions on Propastop’s Facebook page or send them to [email protected].

We will publish the correct answers and one possible type of solution on Monday, December 30th.

The names of those who responded with the correct answers, will be included in a draw for Garth S. Jowett’s and Victoria O’Donnell’s book „Propaganda and persuasion – new and classic approaches. “