Propastop dictionary – scorched earth tactics


Known in the military as, „scorched earth“ tactics have also been used in information warfare thanks to Kremlin propaganda activities.

This type of military tactic refers to the total destruction of its own or occupied territory’s resources during a retreat, in order to prevent its resources from falling into the hands of the enemy. In 1812, for example, due to fear of an invasion by the French army, this tactic was used to burn down the army and city warehouses in Moscow. As a result of this fire, approximately 6,500 of the 9,000 existing buildings were destroyed.

In the information war, the Kremlin’s propaganda industry uses burnt land tactics to paint a total comprehensive negative image of an imagined opponent in media outlets. The aim is to let the target be depicted in the worst possible light and not hold back any possible absurd statements, which can be piled up on one another.

One of the largest attacks of this kind is the Kremlin’s actions to disparage and mock Western civilization and culture. The Kremlin’s goal is to show the West on a downward spiral, morally dubious and debasing all basic values that are dear to Russians. There are dozens upon dozens of conspiracy theories and narratives used to further this attack.

Photo: Andy Cull/Flickr/CC