Andrei Arkhangelsky: Kremlin propaganda contrasts with modernity


The EuvsDisinfo portal published a long interview with Andrei Arkhangelsky, a Russian journalist, columnist and cultural editor of Ogonjok magazine, in late November.

According to EUvsDisinfo, Arkhangelsky is one of the most active commentators on disinformation and propaganda in Russia, for example, he is also contributing to the following publications: Carnegie, Colta, Delovoy Peterburg, Kommersant and Republic.

He is also active on the programs of Radio Echo of Moscow and Radio Liberty, as well as on TV channels TV Rain and Current Time TV.

The interview gives Andrei Arkhangelsky’s experience with a fresh perspective on the nature of propaganda and information manipulation today.

For example, he was asked at the start of the interview which term he prefers, whether in the West the term disinformation, the word propaganda, or the more vague term, false information is used for Russian propaganda.

Arkhangelsky clearly stated that he prefers the term propaganda. In his view, misinformation and false information are tools. The term propaganda is a much broader, psycholinguistic phenomenon.

The interview also inquired from Arkhangelsky whether there is one clear feature of the Kremlin’s propaganda.

According to Arkhangelsky, until 2014, Russian propaganda was rather an incidental case based reaction to Ukrainian Maidan. Starting in 2016, it went global, trying to influence the whole world.

He says that current Kremlin propaganda is an anti-modern project, as opposed to modernity. In Arhangelsky’s view, Russia is trying to make itself the spokesperson for conservatism in the world.

Andrei Arkhangelsky, for example, was also asked what in his opinion, are the goals that propaganda serves today.

According to the interviewee, the global goal of Russian propaganda is to destroy all existing values, especially liberal values. To do this, they try to instill in people the idea that values no longer exist, only gross instincts and habits.

The interview with Arkhangelsky is a worthwhile read to understand how differently Kremlin propaganda goals are understood in the Western cultural space and in Russia.

This story has been published in both English and Russian.

Photo: screenshot from EuvsDisinfo webpage