RT Editor-in-Chief: Estonia is the worst place in Europe for Sputnik employees


In early November, the owner of the Sputnik network who is also the chief editor of Russia Today (RT) accused Estonia of systematically bullying Sputnik employees as well as more generally RT workers, adding that for those employees, Estonia is the worst country in Europe to work.

The short commentary about Estonia on the TV show „60 minutes“ gave the surprising impression that in addition to being recruited to Sputnik, those interviewed also were recruited to the ranks of Russia Today.

Without providing any evidence, Simonyan accused Estonia of systemic bullying: „Even when people who come to interviews and are not hired right away and may not be so in the future get a call from Estonian Special Services inquiring to what they were asked and who was the interviewer.“

In addition, Margarita Simonyan here spiced up the statement by saying that she has never encountered such a totalitarian system like Estonia, not even in Arab countries.

Although the focus of Simonyan’s speech was on Estonia, she seemed to be angry at democratic Europe as a whole, saying to the studio audience at the end of the commentary that this is an example of Europe and its highly acclaimed European democracy. The cause of Simoyan’s irritation was the subject of the broadcast, in which participants of the World Commission on Democracy, organized by the European Commission, protested against the invited speaker, Anna Belkin, the deputy head of the propaganda network RT speaking at the conference.

During the brief commentary, Simonjan used two of the Kremlin’s basic narratives – Estonia is a small spiteful country and the European Union is on a downward spiral.

Relations between Russia Today and Sputnik are very closely intertwined. The hostile material created by Estonian Sputnik has been greatly translated and widely distributed on RT network channels. Sputnik’s Estonian editorial office does not work for the Estonian public, but promotes messages from the Kremlin, which are often hostile.

Here are some examples of the „fruitions“ of Estonian Sputnik’s work over the last 20 days:
A former student of Kohtla-Järve State High school: Russians were under pressure
An Estonian political scientist: Estonia does not care at all about Russian leadership
How many people in Estonia die from alcoholism every year?
A sad record: The Baltic States top the European list of countries with the most killings
A Member of Parliament: The Estonian Defence Forces are contributing to the genocide of the Tuareg peoples in Mali
Zahharova: Estonia’s refusal to let a Russian ship free passage is unbelievable
Zahharova vehemently berated Estonia for demolishing a Soviet soldier’s memorial
A Political scientist: For some reason only soldiers that fought on Hitler’s side are remembered in Estonia
British soldiers are not happy serving in Estonia

Propastop believes that RT should stop wasting Russian money in Estonia in the form of a marginal Sputnik, and to facilitate this decision, we have launched a public initiative to at least restrict their activities in the Estonian national domain.

Photo: Extract from Sputnik.com