RT Editor-in-Chief: Estonia is the worst place in Europe for Sputnik employees

In early November, the owner of the Sputnik network who is also the chief editor of Russia Today (RT) accused Estonia of systematically bullying Sputnik employees as well as more generally RT workers, adding that for those employees, Estonia is the worst country in Europe to work.

Propaganda dictionary – dark ad

Cambridge Analytica, a micro-targeted and 2016 US presidential campaign, introduced another concept to the public – the dark ad.

USA veterans under attack by the Kremlin

In mid-September, the American Vietnam War Veterans’ Association published a 200-page report from a two-year investigation that exposed Kremlin manipulation in Social Media.

Propaganda in the month of October

In October, Estonian press publications were rather modest in writing about propaganda and information manipulation.

Lithuania’s attitude to propaganda: forcefully against lies

Among the three Baltic States, Lithuania has chosen the most vigorous and direct approach in the fight against propaganda, based on a model of cooperation between state institutions, volunteer information warriors and independent media.