Propastop People’s Initiative in the jaws of Russia Today


The People’s initiative launched by Propastop to restrict the activities of Russian propaganda channels in Estonia exploiting the Estonian National domain received a propaganda attack on the German language Russia Today channel.

A German-language article attacking Propastop and the Defense League in general was published on September 28, and the story did not hold back.

The introduction to the article states that for decades, right-wing nationalists in Estonia have been advocating the closure of all sorts of alternative information channels, but now that such an initiative is hidden under the guise of “democracy,”  the venture became uninteresting to unshakable patriots with Russophobic ideologies.

The story is further spiced up with accusations of Estonia making violence and Russophobia heroic acts, and promoting fascism and Nazism.

On the visual side, the story is highlighted with a photo of the Lihula statue, and a story from the Azov Battalion of Ukraine, illustrated with a photo of the torchlight parade.

The story is based on the Kremlin’s propaganda narratives, which must portray Estonia as a nation tolerating fascism and inhabited by Russophobes.

The German-language RT story is a newer version of a Baltnews article in mid-September that focused on the people’s passiveness in giving signatures. They already stated that in their headline, „Nobody cares: why Russophobes failed to block Russian media by collecting signatures.“

It is noteworthy that both the RT story and the Baltnews article report but do not refute Propastop’s view that Sputnik Eesti and Baltnews belong to the Russia Today network and distribute anti-Estonian messages.

Propastop will continue to collect signatures until 1000 signatures are completed.

Photo: A screenshot of information channel web pages