An Estonian message appeared in the Russian media

The Russian media network circulated information with the Estonian position, that the country was occupied in 1944, not liberated.

A Kremlin propaganda traveling exhibition is coming to Estonia

An exhibition called „A Journey to Victory“ has been compiled in Russia and is set to be exhibited in 20 European countries, including Estonia. Read more!

Myth breaker 7: Tallinn was not liberated it was conquered and occupied

Kremlin propaganda continues to spread the myth that Tallinn was liberated on September 22, 1944. Actually in fact, a new Soviet occupation of the Estonian Capital began on that day. Read more!

The Bronze Soldier is back at Tõnismägi. In virtual reality.

An app, using virtual reality, created by a Kremlin-based group, shows Aljoša in his former location. This is part of a propaganda action related to the so-called „liberation“ of Tallinn, of which are awaited more in the upcoming week.

The Pealtnägija (Eyewitness) TV program caused a wave of propaganda

The Pealtnägija story of US Special Forces stationed in Estonia was used to spread one of the Kremlin’s basic propaganda myths.

Whitelist: quality Russian-language media

Here is the first part of an overview grouping together trustworthy, non-propaganda Russian-language media channels. Share the list with your Russian speaking acquaintances!

Propaganda in the month of August

In August, the majority of stories on influence activities and propaganda focused on either allowing or restricting the Kremlin’s media distribution in Estonia.

The Iranian propaganda machine is using Russia as a role model

What are the objectives of Iran’s influence activities? What are the tactics of the endless one-day Mayfly network? Read more about it on Propastop’s analysis!