Come and help curb propaganda channels!


Propastop started gathering signatures in the (Citizen Initiative Portal) environment in order for Parliament to regulate the activities of hostile propaganda channels in Estonia. We hope to receive a thousand signatures of support within 30 days – so that the parliamentary commission will come to the table to initiate legislation. You can add your digital vote to the initiative here.

We have chosen to suspend the use of the national domain .ee on and websites as a way to curb propaganda channels. We consider this approach to be the most effective. Latvia used this method to close down the website, the restriction is still in effect today. In contrast, Lithuania’s national access restriction on the website was not very effective, as the site is still accessible from all other countries.

The pilot project tests possibilities
Collecting signatures is a unique test project that aims to break through the inaction of Estonia so far with hostile media. The harmfulness of propaganda channels is widely and often talked about, but no steps have been taken to regulate their activities. Perhaps the voices of a thousand citizens will change the nations mind?

Currently, the initiative focuses on two websites in Estonia owned by the Russian government. If the action proves successful, we will also focus on blocking Kremlin owned TV channels.

The selected environment for collecting signatures, is a tool created and maintained by the Estonian Cooperation Council, which is secure and of high quality. Signing is anonymous and does not require user registration in the environment. Your signature of support will not be disclosed to other contributors or creators of the initiative. It will only be known by responsible officials at the Chancellery of Parliament, who will check in the population registry that the digital signatures have been issued by residents of Estonia that are at least 16 years old.

If you have already given your support, then forward the invitation to your friends and acquaintances.