Kremlin online propaganda fighter # 1- Ben Nimmo

Ben Nimmo is one of the leading experts and activists on the Kremlin’s influence activities in social media networks.

In the midst of MRP propaganda lies

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the MRP, there is reason to look back at the Kremlin’s lies about the signing and publishing of this document.

When one country attacks another on social media

Russia is not the only one trying to influence the population of another country in social media.

Estonian children at a Kremlin sponsored propaganda camp

Children from Estonia took part in the Orljonok camp in Russia, where they could experience the military – patriotic training of our Eastern neighbour.

Come and help curb propaganda channels!

Do you think that Sputnik and Baltnews should have its wings clipped? Then speak up in the (Citizen Initiative Portal) environment. Invite your friends to also join!

Postimees is not the problem

Criticism of the Postimees Group’s decision to broker advertising to Russian TV channels, shifted the focus away from the real problem.

Propaganda in the month of July

In July, problems related to Faceap and Baltnews received the most attention in the Estonian media.

How to close down Baltnews and Sputnik

In July, several countries took steps to combat Russian propaganda channels. It is also time for Estonia to act.