Baltnews came out of the closet


This week, Baltnews, which is familiar with Propastop’s readership, changed its design and you can now read on the website that it is owned by Russia Today and is registered at 4 Zubovski Street in Moscow.

It also now informs readers that the information agency Baltnews was granted a Telecom Supervisory Authority Roskomnadzor License no. FS 77 – 73480 on August 17, 2018. Russia Today is a Kremlin funded media network comprising of dozens of TV and radio channels as well as websites that distribute propaganda material.

This has ended the pretend show of Baltnews as an independent newsletter owned by an Estonian NGO that distributes neutral news from the Baltics.

That Baltnews had previously been part of the Andrei Kornilov NGO Altmedia and its funding came from Russia was disclosed by the Security Police Board as well as the Latvian investigative news organization Re: baltica.

Most recently Postimees, Buzzfeed and Re: Baltica wrote about Andrei Kornilov’s court documents showing how Russia dictates the content material and activities of Baltnews.

Baltnews has been an active producer of material depicting Estonia in a negative light in Russian propaganda media.

All three Baltnews websites in the Baltics countries have been redesigned.

Photo: screenshot from Baltnews website