News word – Baltophobia


Latvian actor and political commentator Andris Lielais sent out an idea on a program at the Latvian radio station Baltcom that Russia is currently suffering from Baltophobia.

At the same time Lielais, a citizen of both Russia and Latvia, said if you listen to his statements, you would understand that he never criticized Russia. „ There is not a single word against Russia in his statement.“ I may not agree with current Russian politics and I have taken it upon myself to defend Latvia from misunderstandings, such as we were guilty of Jewish genocide or that Poland started World War II. I think that Russia is currently suffering from Baltophobia.

Lielais is a frequent visitor on Russian TV shows, where he is often given the role of kick boy or patsy. For example, in March he participated in the program „Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov“, where the discussion became so heated that the show’s presenter kicked Lielais out of the studio.

The concept of Baltophobia is a counterbalance to the Kremlin cultivated term „Russophobia“ the use of which has grown significantly in recent years.

The idea stated by Lielais has caused the word to spread, although this is not the first time that this expression has been used.

Ilga Apine, a professor at the Latvian Academy of Sciences said in 2006 that Russophobia has no historical roots in Latvia. „ It is a legacy of Soviet times. At the same time, there is Baltophobia in Russia that „feeds “one part of the Russian speaking population of Latvia. It is based on the erroneous accusations of a part of the Russian population, that the Baltic people were responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union.“

Baltophobia is a good concept, which with to explain the Kremlin’s propaganda attacks on the Baltic nations. It could become a good and loud tool for tagging propaganda attacks against the Baltics.

Photo: screenshot from Russia-1 homepage