Robot videos spread anti-Estonian propaganda in Youtube

Read how propaganda videos are created in large amounts in Russia and through which networks these videos are spread for millions of viewers.

Can you recognize biased news?

Sharpen your skills in analyzing journalistic text and find misleading headlines.

The war of winning hearts and minds in Venezuela

In crisis-filled Venezuela, there is an active conflict between the political parties in the streets and in social media.

News word – Baltophobia

Latvian actor and political commentator Andris Lielais sent out an idea on a program at the Latvian radio station Baltcom that Russia is currently suffering from Baltophobia.

The Kremlin’s media is lying: The Estonian President does not consider the Russian language a threat

The upcoming Moscow visit by President Kersti Kaljulaid has brought out several propagandistic headlines by Russian news agencies.

New propaganda techniques from Sputnik

Sputnik upgrades its arsenal of techniques, with which to legitimize press releases and increase visibility and its influence.

Only today! Boshirov and Petrov are having a lecture presentation in Tallinn!

Propastop is proud to report the success of our organizing team: they were able to bring both Ruslan Boširov and Aleksandr Petrov to Estonia to speak about their work.