Media competency week



On March 18th, a European wide media competency week began, where Estonia’s guiding principle was „ Think before you share“.

This action to raise awareness and educate people about the media, took place for the first time and in Estonia, it was organized by the Ministry of Education and Research, together with partner organizations.

At the heart of the action is a series of short video lectures by Neeme Raud. A new educational video clip appears every day of the week.

The first video in the series focused on different types of media and their characteristics. Neeme Raud described the various media formats and talked about their influential content.

The second video dealt with fake news, describing random fake news and conscious distribution as well as the special format of joke news.

The third video focused on influencing people through images. Raud talked about memes, influencers as well as using deliberate fake images to influence people.

The videos can be found on the Facebook and YouTube accounts of the Ministry of Education and Research.

Propastop’s editorial staff commends the initiative and crosses their fingers that it becomes a tradition as well as making media literacy a priority.