Media overview – January


The approaching elections was gave a lot of colour to the stories published in the media about influence activities.

In January, the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee published a report on „Preparedness to eliminate intervention in the elections as in the Western countries“ as well as the European Commission Representation in Estonia organized a discussion between President Kersti Kaljulaid and the Vice-President of the European Commission, Andrus Ansip on fighting false information in Europe.

Russian propaganda channels was another major area where the topic of influence activities was written about.

The most spoken text of the month was published in the cultural journal „Sirp“ on the topic of using fake research.

Truth, falsehoods and journalism
Sirp – using fake research

ERR – Raul Rebane | what threatens journalism?

The Possibility of influence activities in Estonia and Europe
Postimees – Ansip: older people believe fake information more easily

President Kersti Kaljulaid’s and the Vice-President of the European Commission, Andrus Ansip’s discussion on combating fake information in Europe

Postimees – Report of the Committee on Foreign Affairs: A significant portion of Influence activities has been on Social Media.

Eesti Ekspress – How to actually hack a political system

Eesti Ekspress – Report to Friends: Influencing the Estonian Elections 2019

ERR – Ilmar Raag | “The election’s witches cauldron“, part 1: Why is the use of the word propaganda misleading?

Propaganda channels and their behaviour
Postimees – Latvia banned the transmissions of Rossija RTR for three months

Postimees – State agencies are advised to not to communicate with propaganda publications

Postimees – Attack on inappropriate behaviour: Facebook withdrew hundreds of Sputnik affiliated accounts 

Curiosity of the month
Further to the previous block, ETV+ managed to act quite unbelievably, namely the National Broadcasting Agency’s Russian language channel invited a representative from the Russian propaganda channel, Sputnik as well as the editor-in-chief of the Postimees’ Russian – language section to come and discuss matters. The National Broadcasting Agency should know that Sputnik is not a legitimate publisher and there are no journalists working there.

ERR – “Кто кого?”: главреды Sputnik и Rus.Postimees поспорили о пропаганде в соцсетях